Methane Mitigation strategies when building atop an old Landfill (CEU: .5)
3:45 PM - 4:20 PM (EDT)

As vacant land becomes more scarce, developers are turning to former landfills, which are often large tracts in prime locations, are now use. Examples of this include former landfills and lakefills sites. Reclaiming this land is important because it allows the community to realize economic benefits in areas that were previously unusable for development, while improving the environmental protections. However, redevelopment on such site poses several environmental and geotechnical challenges. . The design concepts of methane gas management systems vary based on the site’s subsurface conditions, building footprint and the perceived risk tolerance of building owners. Several gas management barriers are available in the market today and can be broadly classified into asphaltic spray applied liner and the HDPE liner. The use of these liner systems depends on subsurface conditions and the size of the building. 


Dan Cooper Somshekhar Kundral