Tuesday, March 22, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (CDT)
How to Get Involved With ISWA’s Global Initiative on Closing Dumpsites
Kansas City Convention Center - Room 2103 AB

Global solid waste generation is postulated to increase from 2.01 billion metric tonnes (Mt) in 2016 to 2.59 billion Mt in 2030 and to a high 3.4 billion Mt in 2050. Almost 50 percent of this waste is food waste, especially in low income economy countries. However, if one looks at the waste management options, only eight percent of the total waste is disposed of into sanitary landfills (without gas collection), while almost 40 percent is still disposed into dumpsites. The ISWA’s Working Group on Landfill (WGL) formalized the Task Force on Closing Dumpsites (TFCD) in 2018. The primary goal of the TFCD is to present cost savings and environmental benefits related to transitioning from dumps to engineered sanitary landfills, and in particular to encourage more municipalities in the developing countries, that currently heavily rely on open dumps for disposal of their waste, to participate in this initiative. The secondary goal is to promote closing of the world’s 50 largest dumpsites, that were identified by ISWA in 2014, by bringing public and private stakeholders and financial institutions together so that dumpsite closure can become a reality. It is time to spark the interest of all solid waste professionals and other stakeholders and investors to engage and to respond to call in contributing their knowledge and interest in this important global initiative to address the climate change, to improve the health of the people living on or around the dumpsites as well as the environment they live in and beyond.

James Law