Tuesday, March 22, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (CDT)
PFAS Seminar: Leachate and Other Landfill Liquids – How to Manage Your Achilles Heel
Kansas City Convention Center - Room 2102 AB

This session will include brief presentations and participant discussions of landfill liquids.  

Leachate treatment can be the “Achilles heel” of a landfill. If there’s no way to treat leachate, the landfill will simply have to cease operation. Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options — both onsite and off-site for landfill managers to consider. Some of these options have been used for many years and have been commercially proven while others are more cutting edge and may involve implementation risks.

Stormwater — Effective stormwater management is a requirement for every landfill. Historically, the main stormwater concerns have been managing the stormwater flows of 24-hour, 25-year storms to minimize erosion and sediment discharge off the site. Regulatory agencies are beginning to require on-site stormwater treatment for pollutants such as BOD, COD and ammonia.

Landfill Gas Condensate — The management of landfill gas condensate can present particular challenges due to its unique set of strong contaminants. As a result, some state regulators are setting specific treatment standards for this landfill liquid.

We will discussing each of these landfill liquids followed by roundtable discussions of key management aspects of the liquid under consideration. Participants are encouraged to discuss both their management challenges as well as solutions implemented to address these challenges.

Arie Kremen Thomas Bilgri Bernie Rieder