Ms. Heidi Sanborn
Stewardship Action Foundation
Heidi is the founding Director of the California Product Stewardship Council, National Stewardship Action Council, and the Stewardship Action Foundation. With over 32 years’ experience being a leader in the solid waste industry, Heidi is the nation's foremost expert on producer responsibility and product stewardship.

Heidi has worked as a consultant helping California local governments comply with waste management laws, as a regulator at CalRecycle where she was promoted to be the Policy Advisor to the Chair and led the charge to get the goal of zero waste using product stewardship into the strategic plan, and as an advocate. She has led the way organizing local governments to advance for making the producers have a fair share of the responsibility for the end-of-life impacts and costs of their products which pushed the California legislature to pass more Extended Producer Responsibility legislation than in any other state including paint, mercury thermostats, pharmaceuticals and sharps, and packaging with SB 54 in 2022. She is not only an expert in policy, but in program implementation and regularly keynotes at national and international conferences.

In her personal time, Heidi is an elected Board Member representing Ward 7 on the Sacramento Municipal Utility District Board. Ms Sanborn is a self-described “utility geek”.
Heidi Sanborn