onDemand Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems Training Course


Managing ISWM Systems gives industry professionals an excellent grounding in the various issues involved in the management of solid waste systems, including:

  • Planning, Regulatory Considerations, and Public Education
  • Facility Basics (landfills, transfer stations, waste-to-energy facilities)
  • Collection Systems
  • Recycling and Reuse Programs
  • Management of Hard-to-Handle Wastes
  • Composting
  • Incorporating Emerging Concepts into Existing Systems (product stewardship, zero waste, conversion technologies, greenhouse gas reduction, and renewable energy options)
  • Funding Options, Budgeting, Contracting, and Procurement
  • Health and Safety
  • Personnel Management

 SWANA offers this course as a stand-alone learning experience that can also be used to supplement the learning and experience needed to prepare for certification in this discipline. Please note that passing a certification exam requires amassing knowledge, skills, and abilities over time from a variety of sources; no one course provides all of the knowledge needed to pass a certification exam. Knowledge is typically gained over time from years of experience in the field; online courses, webinars, and podcasts; in-person seminars, events, and workshops; and on-the-job training.

FORMAT: This course is designed as a 100% self-study, online learning experience.

MATERIALS: You will receive access to 19 video recordings of the lessons, the eBook, and supplemental materials. (The hard-copy coursebook is available at an additional charge.)

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT: Upon completion of the course, SWANA awards participants 30 continuing education credits to apply toward a current SWANA certification.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Ideal for current and future managers of government solid waste management systems and other industry professionals who work in an advisory or consulting capacity to municipal waste managers.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No cancellations will be accepted for this on-demand training course.

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