SWANA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are assigned to each session. Each session detail page has the exact number of CEUs you can earn from attending it.

Name Start Time SWANA PDH
Monday, November 1, 2021
Special Leadership Intensive Opportunity: Next Generation Collection Systems1:00 PM2.50
Opening Ceremonies5:00 PM1
Keynote: The Waste Free World 5:00 PM1
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Keynote: From Reactive to Proactive: Using Disruption as a Catalyst for Excellence 9:00 AM1
Keynote: Embracing DEI as a Strategic Advantage in 2021 and Beyond: Dumping the Rubbish of Antiquated Mindsets and Processes 10:00 AM1
Keynote: The Power of Collaboration to Solve Common Problems in the Waste Industry11:00 AM1
Catalyst Session: WIN Waste Innovations - Performance for the Planet11:45 AM.25
Catalyst Session: Next Generation Collection Systems12:00 PM.25
Catalyst Session: Metro Pak Plus: Compact Rear Loader, High Standards1:00 PM.25
Safety Summit: COVID-19 – What We’ve Learned and What That Means for the Future1:00 PM.75
Leadership Intensive: Build a Compelling Personal Brand for Greater Success1:00 PM1
Catalyst Session: Unattended Transaction Processing1:30 PM.25
Catalyst Session: Electric Vehicle Solutions for Refuse1:30 PM.25
Leadership Intensive: Tools You'll Need To Become An Inclusive Leader1:30 PM1.25
Leadership Intensive: No money? No permission? No problem! How to seed innovative ideas in your department1:30 PM1.25
Catalyst Session: Fueling Your Fleet Now and Into the Future: CARB, Clean Diesel, Natural Gas, and Battery-Electric2:00 PM.25
Catalyst Session: Top 5 Keys to Successful Financial Planning for Solid Waste Managers2:00 PM.25
Safety Summit: Collection Safety – Using Tech to Reduce Accidents and Injuries2:00 PM.75
Catalyst Session: Turn-key Solutions for Solid Waste Department's Critical Challenges2:30 PM.25
Catalyst Session: Transform your hauling operation with an all-in-one system.2:30 PM.25
Keynote: CEO Spotlight: Patrick Dovigi – GFL Environmental3:00 PM1
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Keynote: COVID Lessons Learned: Challenges & Strategies9:00 AM1
Keynote: Media Relations 10:00 AM1.25
Catalyst Session: WIN Waste Innovations - Performance for the Planet 11:15 AM.25
Catalyst Session: Developing Resiliency Efficiently and Effectively With Smart City Technology12:00 PM.25
Catalyst Session: Next Generation Collection Systems 12:00 PM.25
Catalyst Session: Reporting on Facility Data12:30 PM.25
Catalyst Session: Complete Fleet: Eliminating uncertainty and increasing flexibility in your refuse truck fleet12:30 PM.25
Safety Summit: Avoiding the Burn – How to Prevent and Minimize Fires in Disposal Facilities1:00 PM.75
Catalyst Session: Turn-key Solutions for Solid Waste Department's Critical Challenges 1:30 PM.25
Leadership Intensive: 10 Keys to Today’s Recycling Programs (Public Sector Attendees Only)1:30 PM1.25
Leadership Intensive: High Road, Low Road: Ethical Street Smarts for Local Government Professionals1:30 PM1.25
Leadership Intensive: How do you get elected officials, finance departments, and your residents to buy into electric garbage trucks?1:30 PM1.25
Leadership Intensive: Stop Theft and Revenue Leakage1:30 PM1.25
Safety Summit: Improving Your Safety Culture – Award-Winning Programs2:00 PM.75
Keynote: US EPA Perspectives with Dr. Carlton Waterhouse4:00 PM1
Thursday, November 4, 2021
Safety Summit: You Just Had an Accident, Now What?9:00 AM.75
Keynote: Cleaner Smarter Cities9:00 AM.75
Keynote: Where do we go from here?10:00 AM1
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