Tuesday, November 2, 2021
2:00 PM - 2:20 PM (EDT)
Catalyst Session: Fueling Your Fleet Now and Into the Future: CARB, Clean Diesel, Natural Gas, and Battery-Electric
Booth 131

While zero-emission and battery-electric are the hot buzzwords, compressed and renewable natural gas fueling technology continues to have a strong footing in the refuse industry. That being said, the death of the diesel engine has been greatly exaggerated. Fueling infrastructure for battery-electric and CNG/RNG is still not feasible in vast swaths of the country, and clean diesel technology has made great strides. Engine manufacturers have focused on reducing emissions for over a decade, and they now claim that current tailpipe emissions are cleaner than the air entering the engine! Whether your fleet is all diesel, you’ve transitioned some of it to CNG/RNG, or you’re leading the charge in BEV adoption, there are many great ways to keep driving your refuse collection fleet forward!

New Way zero-emission electric garbage truck

Jesse Geeslin Ken Beugger