SWANA's Executive Leadership Summit

An Agenda for a Transforming Waste Management Industry

WASTECON®, SWANA's Leadership Executive Summit boasts of a revamped approach and agenda to help you stay ahead of the curve in responding to the ever-evolving changes in the industry. If you are a forward-looking leader, this conference promises to be an unmissable experience that will keep you updated on the latest hot topics. Moreover, you will have ample time for connecting with peers and sharing insights and ideas.

The event provides a platform for directors, superintendents, middle managers, and operational leaders to broaden their horizons and develop highly relevant skills to tackle the challenges ahead. At WASTECON®, participants can expect hands-on learning that aligns with SWANA's strategic Plan, Forward Together.

The conference aims to reframe the industry and become "employers of choice," which is a core objective of SWANA's Strategic Plan. WASTECON® will provide opportunities for participants to broaden their industry horizons and become better equipped to take on leadership and management roles in the waste and recycling industry. Leaders attending the conference will be presented with challenges and opportunities that will help reshape the industry's future by working together towards shared goals.

Executive Leadership Summit Schedule


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