SWANA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are assigned to each SOAR 2022 session. Each session detail page has the exact number of CEUs you can earn from attending it.


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Name Start Time SWANA CEUs
Tuesday, March 22, 2022
CEU FasTrack Briefing8:00 AM.75
Landfill Gas Rules & Regulations Update1:00 PM.75
10 Ways Automation Helps Haulers Attract and Retain Talent While Building Resilience1:00 PM.75
PFAS Seminar: Kick-Off1:00 PM.75
US EPA's Recycling Framework Briefing 1:00 PM1.5
PFAS Seminar: Conventional Approaches to Leachate Treatment 1012:00 PM.75
Options for Expiring Power Purchase Agreements and Projects2:00 PM.75
Supply Optimization of Waste Resources4:00 PM.75
Successfully Navigating the Environmental Justice Process4:00 PM.75
How to Get Involved With ISWA’s Global Initiative on Closing Dumpsites?4:00 PM.75
PFAS Seminar: Leachate and Other Landfill Liquids – How to Manage Your Achilles Heel4:00 PM.75
Wednesday, March 23, 2022
CEU FasTrack Briefing 8:00 AM.75
Using Desiccants for Treatment of Landfill Gas for Seasonal Use Applications9:00 AM.75
Effective Ways of Addressing Labor Shortages in Waste and Recyclables Collection9:00 AM.75
Circular Economy Infrastructure Planning: Kent County, Michigan9:00 AM.75
Landfill Leachate Evaporation Utilizing Wood Waste Combustion9:00 AM.75
Landmark National Litter Survey and Behavior Study: Keep America Beautiful10:00 AM.75
Remediation of Substances in a Leachate Collection System Through Chemical Cleaning10:00 AM.75
Landfill Gas Field Practices and Procedures Manuel revised for the Safety and Wellbeing of our Industry Partners10:00 AM.75
What To Do When Landfills Are No Longer Ecologically And Economically Viable?10:00 AM.75
The Current and Potential Role of WTE Facilities in Destroying PFAS Discards in Consumer Products2:00 PM.75
PFAS Seminar: Landfill Liquids and the Non-PFAS Emerging Contaminants - What You Need to Know2:00 PM.75
Drop It Low: Best Management Practices for Reducing Contamination in Drop-off Programs2:00 PM.75
GIS, Garbage, & Drive Bys, Oh My!2:00 PM.75
The Renewable Natural Gas “Gold Rush”3:00 PM.75
Innovative Technologies for Improved Diversion of Organic Waste from Landfills3:00 PM.75
PFAS Seminar: P F A S is a Four-Letter Word3:00 PM.75
Creating Durable Concrete Floors for Your Solid Waste Facility3:00 PM.75
Solid Waste Record-Keeping in California: Transparency in Waste Hauler Data is a Game Changer4:00 PM.75
Effective Ways to Reduce Contamination in Curbside Recycling Programs4:00 PM.75
PFAS Seminar: PFAS Treatability & Management: An Example of Wastewater Utility and Landfill Collaboration4:00 PM.75
CEU FasTrack Briefing 5:15 PM.75
Thursday, March 24, 2022
CEU FasTrack Briefing 8:00 AM.75
Clogging & Scaling Effects on Landfills: A Starker Reality Plus a New Treatment Methodology9:00 AM.75
From Waste to Resources: Transitioning from Landfill to Sustainability Campus9:00 AM.75
MN Statewide C&D Generation & Characterization Study Findings10:00 AM.75
Technologies to Reduce Landfill Greenhouse Gas Emissions10:00 AM.75