An Agenda for a Transforming Waste Management Industry

The disruptions happening across the waste management industry are presenting leaders with both challenges and exciting opportunities. We have revamped our approach and our agenda to give you what you need to best respond to the dramatic changes happening today and into the future.

Forward-looking leaders will find WASTECON 2022 Summit to be a can’t-miss conference packed with:

  • Opportunities to hear the latest on hot topics
  • Hands-on learning and highly relevant skills development for directors and superintendents through to middle managers and operational leads
  • Plenty of time for connecting with peers and sharing insights and ideas
Saturday, December 3, 2022
12:00 PMSWANA Governance: Board of Directors MeetingSWANA Governance:  Board of Directors Meeting   
Sunday, December 4, 2022
8:00 AMSWANA Governance: Standing Committee MeetingsSWANA Governance:  Standing Committee Meetings   
9:00 AMSWANA Governance: Advisory Board Meeting SWANA Governance: Advisory Board Meeting     
11:30 AMSWANA Governance: Board of Directors Meeting SWANA Governance:  Board of Directors Meeting    
6:00 PMChapter Connect: Opening EventChapter Connect: Opening Event   
Monday, December 5, 2022
8:00 AMChapter ConnectChapter Connect   
8:30 AMWASTECON Golf Tournament    
12:00 PMWASTECON Registration Desk Open    
1:00 PMWASTECON Tours and Leadership Experiences    
5:00 PMOpening Ceremonies & Keynote    
6:30 PMOpening Reception - Exhibit Hall Open    
Tuesday, December 6, 2022
8:00 AMMorning on the Marina    
8:00 AMOutdoor Exhibits Open    
8:00 AMWASTECON Registration Desk Open     
9:00 AMKeynote: Trust-building    
10:00 AMExhibit Hall Open    
10:45 AMWASTECON Keynote     
11:45 AMSWANA Annual Business Meeting & Awards Ceremony    
12:30 PMMindfulness Lab     
12:30 PMLunch    
1:00 PMMindfulness Lab    
1:30 PMMindfulness Lab     
1:45 PMLeadership Intensives: Sustainability Assessment of Disposal Options - Session ALeadership Intensives: Sustainability Assessment of Disposal Options - Session A   
1:45 PMLeadership Intensives    
1:45 PMLeadership Intensives: Make an Impact Through Storytelling   Leadership Intensives: Make an Impact Through Storytelling
2:00 PMMindfulness Lab     
2:30 PMSafety Summit Session     
3:30 PMKeynote: A Conversation with Michael PattersonKeynote:  A Conversation with Michael Patterson   
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
8:00 AMMorning on the Marina     
8:00 AMOutdoor Exhibits Open     
8:00 AMWASTECON Registration Desk Open     
9:00 AMWASTECON Keynote     
10:00 AMMRF Summit Session     
10:00 AMKeynote: The 3 Rs: Reset, Recharge, Reenergize - Creating the Theme Song to Your Success    
10:00 AMExhibit Hall Open     
11:00 AMKeynote: 'Noteworthy: How to grow your visibility, your impact, and your engagement    
11:00 AMMRF Summit Session    
12:00 PMMindfulness Lab     
12:00 PMLunch     
12:30 PMMindfulness Lab     
1:00 PMMindfulness Lab     
1:30 PMMindfulness Lab     
1:45 PMSafety Summit Session     
1:45 PMLeadership Intensive: From Invisible to Noteworthy    
1:45 PMLeadership Intensive: Vision Statements: A New Tool to Make Your Message Memorable    
1:45 PMLeadership Intensives     
1:45 PMMRF Summit Session     
2:45 PMSafety Summit Session     
3:30 PMLeadership Intensives     
3:30 PMLeadership Intensives: When Landfills Save the Day! Open Mic   Leadership Intensives: When Landfills Save the Day!  Open Mic
3:45 PMMRF Summit Session     
3:45 PMSafety Summit Session     
6:00 PMWASTECON Networking Event    
Thursday, December 8, 2022
8:00 AMMorning on the Marina     
9:00 AMWASTECON Keynote : Advanced Recycling    
9:00 AMJoint MRF and Safety Summit Session    
10:00 AMWASTECON Keynote    
10:00 AMMRF Summit Session     
11:00 AMMRF Summit Session    
11:00 AMKeynote: Where do we go from here?    

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