SWANA Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are assigned to each SOAR 2023 session. Each session detail page has the exact number of PDHs you can earn from attending it.

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Start Time Name SWANA PDH
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
9:00 AMSOAR Opening Keynote and Award Presentations1
11:00 AMCatalyst Session: Solving Waste Management Industry Challenges with AI-based Mobility Workflow Automation.25
11:00 AMCatalyst Session: Landfill Odor Control Tool #1: Separating Fact from Fiction with Environmental Intelligence Data.25
11:20 AMCatalyst Session: Composting or Anaerobic Digestion: Why not both? A new method for handling organic waste by ECONWARD..25
11:20 AMCatalyst Session: PFAS Treatment with Rochem Advanced Membrane Systems.25
1:00 PMConcurrent Session: Challenges And Opportunities In Conducting Recycling Characterization1
1:00 PMConcurrent Session: How to Level Up at Work1
1:00 PMConcurrent Session: A Data-centric Collaborative Approach To Boost Recycling Volume In Multi-family Property Building 1
1:00 PMConcurrent Session: PFAS Roundtable - 1 of 21
1:00 PM Concurrent Session: Digital Transformation Of Waste Management: Drones, Smart Forms, And GIS1
1:40 PMCatalyst Session: How Vespene Energy Can Help Landfills Maximize Revenue with eRINs .25
2:00 PMCatalyst Session: Scale House Transaction Processing.25
2:00 PM Concurrent Session: PFAS Roundtable - 2 of 21
2:00 PM Concurrent Session: Transforming Solid Waste Into Carbon Negative Fuels1
2:00 PMConcurrent Session : States Leading In Environmental Justice: What To Know About Impacts To The Solid Waste Industry1
2:00 PM Concurrent Session: A New Waste Paradigm: Sustainable Materials Management And The Circular Economy1
2:00 PMConcurrent Session: LFG Emissions Measurements & Mitigation 1
3:20 PMCatalyst Session: Composting or Anaerobic Digestion: Why not both? A new method for handling organic waste by ECONWARD. .25
3:40 PMCatalyst Session: Novel Microgrid Approach to Landfill-Gas-to-Energy Projects with Vespene Energy.25
4:00 PMConcurrent Session: Overcoming Challenges in Creating Commodities in Sustainable Materials Management1
4:00 PMConcurrent Session: Changing the Tradition – Wellfield Design Innovations1
4:00 PMConcurrent Session:Creating A Culture Of Accountability, Diversity And Inclusion1
4:00 PMConcurrent Session: Rising to the Top: Leachate PFAS Removal Using Foam Fractionation1
Wednesday, April 19, 2023
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: Finding the Right Contractor for Sustainable Materials Management1
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: Landfill Development: Using Alternative Project Delivery Methods to Deliver your Needed Infrastructure1
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: RNG Processing - To treat or not to treat? 1
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: Hone Your Messaging: Surprisingly Effective, Low-cost Tactics Agencies Use To Test Communications1
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: From Drilling To Digesting: An Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Study1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session: How Did Atlanta Do That: Improving Recycling Access, Participation, And Program Resiliency1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session: Leachate Collection System Maintenance Challenges1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session: H-POWER – Not Just A Waste To Energy Facility1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session: Action Planning for Organics 1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session: RNG Processing - To treat or not to treat? (Continued)1
11:00 AMCatalyst Session: Bridging the Gap to RNG with Vespene Energy.25
11:00 AMCatalyst Session: Landfill Odor Control Tool #2: Operational Efficiency with Environmental Intelligence.25
11:20 AMCatalyst Session: Implementing AI to Establish Safer, More Productive and Sustainable Waste Industry Operations.25
11:20 AMCatalyst Session: PFAS Treatment with Rochem Advanced Membrane Systems .25
1:00 PMCatalyst Session: Unattended Processing and Consulting Services.25
1:40 PMCatalyst Session: How Vespene Energy Can Help Landfills Maximize Revenue with eRINs.25
2:00 PMConcurrent Session: Taking Charge of Efficient Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Management1
2:00 PMConcurrent Session: "Ooh That Smell"; Landfill Odor Monitoring, Detection and Mitigation1
2:00 PMConcurrent Session: Landfills – Part of the Sustainable Solution1
2:00 PMConcurrent Session: Spend Time With Our Panel And Become A Resident Rate Consultant In Your Agency!1
2:00 PMConcurrent Session: Finding Solutions to Wasted Food 1
3:00 PMConcurrent Session: Making Your Leachate Discharge Concerns Evaporate Into Thin Air1
3:00 PMConcurrent Session: What You Need To Know About Grant Funding From The US EPA1
3:00 PMConcurrent Session: New Policies And Programs Impacting Landfill Methane Reduction And Avoidance1
3:00 PMConcurrent Session: Talking Trash With The Community--a Variety Of Strategies!1
3:00 PMConcurrent Session: Automation Through Artificial Intelligence1
4:00 PMConcurrent Session: Technology Innovations To The Problem Of Wasted Food1
4:00 PMConcurrent Session: Planning For Integrated Solid Waste Management In An Era Of Unprecedented Change1
4:00 PMConcurrent Session: Landfill Planning and Design Optimization 1
4:00 PMConcurrent Session: Optimizing Residential Collection Routes- Increasing Efficiency While Avoiding Chaos!1
4:00 PMConcurrent Session: Embracing New Technology – A Path To Peril Or Prosperity?1
Thursday, April 20, 2023
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: Trials, Tribulations, And Tabulations Of Construction And Demolition Waste In Music City, U.S.A.1
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: PFAS In The Trash: The Hidden Impact Of EPA’s PFAS Actions On Solid Waste Management1
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: Cashing In On The E-rin Pathway1
9:00 AMConcurrent Session: LFG Utilization on Small Sites – Scaling Down to Match the Resource1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session :Moving Past The Pilot – Driving To Zero Emissions1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session : Recycle Everything from MSW and More – In a Virtual Landfill – Now, How the Heck Does that Work?1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session: What Was Once Invisible is Now Visible: Locating, Quantifying and Tracking Landfill Methane Emissions from Air and Space1
10:00 AMConcurrent Session : Landfills Starring as Renewable Energy Assets1
1:30 PMCoca Cola Tour2